The Screaming O Ultimate Disposable Vibrating Ring  Sex Toy Product

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The Screaming O Ultimate Disposable Vibrating Ring

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MSRP:  $7.99
Price:   $5.89
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Product Details

  • Weight: 11.36 Ounces
  • Features: Phthalate Free ,
    Phthalate Free - Phthalate Free products have no esters, softeners or plasticizers.
    Batteries Included ,
    Batteries Included - A toy packaged with batteries. Batteries carry an electric charge and are the most common power source for vibrators. Always have back up batteries available for playtime.
    Latex Free
  • Functions: Vibrates
    Vibrates - A balanced motion with no change in pattern.
  • Materials: TPR/TPE
    TPR/TPE - Thermoplastic Rubber/Elastomer is a synthetic mixture of rubber/plastic and elastomer. While TPR/TPE is hypoallergenic in nature it cannot be boiled. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner to disinfect.
  • Color: Pink
  • Powered By: Disposable
  • Manufacturer: Screaming O
  • Brand: Screaming O
  • UPC: 854885001030
  • SKU: CNVELD-9899EA
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Product Description

The Screaming O Vibrating Ring is the original award-winning vibrating sex toy for couples that enhances the ability for women to reach orgasm during intercourse! Approximately 75% of women need additional external clitoral stimulation to have a female orgasm, which is why we developed The Screaming O Vibrating Ring! 

This super-stretchy couples ring features a powerful mini motor that vibrates and stimulates the clitoris each time his body makes contact with hers. “Pleasure knobs” around the ring help distribute vibration around his penis while little ticklers on the motor help transfer vibration right where she needs it. The result is simultaneous stimulation that helps enhance the sexual experience for both partners! Simply stretch the ring comfortably around his entire package with the motor on top and the ticklers facing out. 

The ring won’t constrict or feel tight – it’s there simply to keep the vibrating motor in place. Plus, this popular sex toy is completely disposable, so you can toss it away when you’re done!

• Powerful micro vibration motor for him and her 
• Disposable pleasure ring for couples 
• Vibrating motor for intense clitoral stimulation 
• Helps couples orgasm together! 
• Voted “Top Product” and “Best Ring” by Women’s Health Magazine 

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10 Reviews
Feb 3, 2015
Read my review new vibrator users!
I just placed a new order for one of these. I had one years ago come as part of a bonus for another item I bought. Wasn't expecting it. My wife has always been intimidated by dildos or even vibrators. She says it is loud and embarrassing or scary. She was worried about me using it on more than her vag or one not fitting. Well, she LOVED this ring. First of all, it does the job, but its small, and its not a cylinder, and its much quieter than a big vibrator. I recommend this for anyone interested in spicing things up. Great way to use a vibe on your girl for the first time. We dont use it on me, we just hold it against her. Great for hotel rooms too, small and quiet.
Sienna Sinclaire Verified Buyer
Jul 8, 2012
Inexpensive cock ring for maturbation or sex.
My lover and I are divided on vibrating cock rings. He loves them, because they really do give added stimulation and seem to make him last longer, so he masturbates with them a lot. For me, though, the vibe just isn't strong enough, and the cock ring never stays in one place – it seems to work itself round the cock (and off my clit!) - so that's frustrating. Plus the batteries just never seem to be powerful enough for us girls. It's great for men who want to masturbate and have some stimulation on their cock. I always recommend this product to men. It can be great for some women but I don't care for them personally as they aren't strong enough and move around. They last about 3-5 uses and sometimes they can break on first use.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jun 25, 2012
This product is amazing. It's exactly what it says it is, it fits perfectly on my man, and it gave us a really fabulous time! definitely well worth getting, and we'll be purchasing them for a long time.
candielyn Verified Buyer
Nov 19, 2011
my boyfriend bought this after a fight for "make up sex" and OH MY GOSH! this is the first toy i ever used and only toy i should say it is absolutly amazing and like said prior, we use this toy twice sometimes 3 times before we toss it. definatly worth the 5 bucks for sure you will not be dissapionted niether one of you its amazing!!!!
Mistress Missi Verified Buyer
Oct 4, 2011
Excellent for the price!
This cock ring has a pretty good vibe for as small as it is. I like how it's really discreet, too. (I hid it in my purse and surprised my boyfriend with it when we got back to our hotel one night!) He liked the fact that it didn't get in the way when we were having sex. It's also a nice way to get me going, rather than him having to work his fingers off! I'd recommend this one for sure.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 20, 2010
Best product I've ever used!!!
The most amazing and intense feeling ever. At 5's a no-brainer. I just re ordered a dozen to give out to my friends. Everyone should experience a Screaming O!!!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jun 16, 2008
Review of SCRSO110
Freekslikeus Verified Buyer
Jul 11, 2007
Review of SCRSO110
Some friends gave us one of these at a party. Hes got a pretty thick cock, so usually cock rings are out. This one is easily the most stretchy weve encountered, and the lil buzzer just keeps going and going, which keeps me going and going!
RoHoShell Verified Buyer
Apr 1, 2007
Review of SCRSO110
Little friendly advice... Ladies dont be so quick to dispose of the disposable! Trust me, dont believe this one time use stuff. While the ring will most likely be stretched out after 1 use...the vibrator is still in perfect working order! That little thing has a surprisingly long battery life. So you can either turn it on its end for a little more intensity or if you like the softer side you can even wrap the ring around your fingers. Why be hasty!Enjoy it til its dead, then you toss it.;)
Gust Verified Buyer
Aug 23, 2006
Review of SCRSO110
I received the vibrating ring as a gift. My fiance was not excited about me trying it initally, so during a love making session I got the ring, turned the vibrator on and held it to her clit, rubbing it softly. She became so excited she put the ring on me and I entered her deeply. The great feeling for her was the outer vagina and clitoris was being stimulated by the vibration while I and she had the sensation of my penis penetrating her vagina deeply. Our mutual orgasms were very satisfying for both of us. I am purchasing more vibrating rings.

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