Ring O Super-Stretchy Gel Erection Ring-Assorted Colors Sex Toy Product

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Ring O Super-Stretchy Gel Erection Ring-Assorted Colors

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(15 Reviews)
MSRP:  $2.99
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Product Details

  • Weight: 1.60 Ounces
  • Inner Diameter: 0.60 Inches
  • Features: Phthalate Free ,
    Phthalate Free - Phthalate Free products have no esters, softeners or plasticizers.
    Latex Free
  • Materials: TPR/TPE
    TPR/TPE - Thermoplastic Rubber/Elastomer is a synthetic mixture of rubber/plastic and elastomer. While TPR/TPE is hypoallergenic in nature it cannot be boiled. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner to disinfect.
  • Color: Assorted
  • Texture: Smooth
    Smooth - An evenly consistent surface.
  • Genre: For Men
  • Manufacturer: Screaming O
  • Brand: Screaming O
  • UPC: 854885001382
  • SKU: CNVELD-9900-03EA
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Product Description

The RingO is a super-safe super-stretchy cockring designed to comfortably fit all sizes and stay snug during even the wildest sexual encounter. The simple design keeps his erections stiff and strong, and by letting blood flow more slowly to the member, he’ll stay harder longer and give him a powerful orgasmic release. Just stretch the ring onto the base of the penis and watch it grow for longer-lasting, more satisfying sex for both partners. Fuller, Firmer Erections! – The RingO cockring keeps his erection strong and hard for both partners’ pleasure! More Intense Orgasmic Experience! – The longer he lasts, the more powerful the passion and orgasmic release! Stay Harder Longer – Helps Control Premature Ejaculation! – By slowing blood flow, the RingO can keep him from cumming until both are ready to go! Made of Hygienically Superior Silicone Material! – Super-stretchy SEBS is nonporous and smooth for a safe and secure feel. Stretches to Fit All for a Snug, Yet Comfortable Fit – The RingO’s SEBS construction lets it stretch to fit all sizes and stay put no matter what! ****Please Note:This is for one ring and the Color will vary between Red, Blue or Black****

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15 Reviews
Aug 4, 2016
Great Ring!
I own several rings, and I really like this one. It's super stretchy, so you can pull it over your cock and balls together, or just your cock, or just your balls. It's very versatile. Cleanup is super-easy too.
Happy Verified Buyer
Oct 5, 2014
Ring O Super-stretchy
These O-Rings are wonderful. I suffer from E.D. and these work better than Viagra or Cialis. They are immediate and as such, can be use as soon as my wife is interested in intimacy. They give you a more engorged erection which she also loves.
o so good Verified Buyer
Sep 9, 2014
My husband really loves this o ring we call it the joy toy because it makes him feel so good easy to put on and easy to get off and gives lots of pleasure thank you.
VS Verified Buyer
Jun 3, 2014
Couldn't be happier
What's not to like? Inexpensive & works like a charm. I use them over cock and balls, but would work fine for cock only as well. Wife and I both love how it helps keep a nice, strong erection for extended periods of time. I also find that my orgasms are much more intense using this product. On a side note, not sure if the review that said these are 'too small' was trying to wear it as an anklet? I can easily stretch this over my hand and onto my wrist. Unless you're hung like a fire extinguisher, buy several. You won't regret it.
Jacques DuBois Verified Buyer
May 24, 2014
Best Enhancement ring I have ever used.
My mother in law bought this for me and is it ever fantastic. She is forever checking me out when we go to the beach. I am extremely well endowed but I like to wear an enhancement ring under my nylon bikini bathing suit. It helps accentuate my package. It fits very well and my erections are massive and intense. Also, when having sex or a hand job this little gem is worth its weight in gold. I love it and I never go to the beach without my cock ring.
cooter Verified Buyer
Feb 9, 2014
It's ok
This was satisfactory but the Screaming O would rate a little higher.
Chey Verified Buyer
Jan 18, 2014
This cock ring is perfect if your cock ring for a inexpensive cock ring that will give you a rock hard cock with out being binding and pinching the material is easy to clean up and it works well over the shaft as well as the balls, so don't waste your money buying al those so called more expensive cock rings get The Ring O
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 14, 2013
Great product
This RingO is perfect. Stretches around shaft and balls easily. Hold a nice firm erection while helping the balls to protrude and show off. Also works great when working alone.
SHORTY Verified Buyer
Apr 10, 2013
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Apr 7, 2013
Ring O Super-Stretchy Gel Erection Ring
my boyfriend thinks it works great but you need to be completely shaved
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 5, 2012
Perfect fit
I'm right around 6 inches,maybe a little more,and this fit me perfectly with a little bit of lube.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Sep 15, 2012
Comfortable and effective
This is a great little ring, inexpensive and very effective. It is stretchy and tight enough to do its job, and the thick, soft silicone is very comfortable. Be sure to put a little lube on it before you put it on. It kept me hard as long as I liked and both my wife and I enjoyed the effect.
Jae Verified Buyer
Mar 7, 2012
Execellent Product
I've use the ring on several occasions, and it works very well for me. I am above average in girth and length,and the rings does the job and causes me to have a very nice erection. Thanks.
jack Verified Buyer
Nov 22, 2011
Perfect fit, easy to use, great results!
I'm a normal 6 inches, & I found this ring to be perfect size, & from her reaction, my sweety likes that extra bump it gives her too, when I ride her high. It's durable, easy to clean & store (I just powder it & snap it around the neck of a small lube bottle where it's handy). I have used both water based lubes & cocunut oil with no damage to it, although I have avoided silicone based lubes. When I use this ring I have found the best way to install is to hold it cupped in the fingers, squirt some lube over it, & slide your cock through it & your fingers at once, using them to push it down to your nuts in one motion, lubing you up at the same time. Likity split, you are ready for stiff, prolonged penetration. It is snug & stays in place 'till you're both done, even if she takes longer than you do... which after all is one of the purposes of these little fellows, right? ;) I also use other cock rings a lot for the reaction they get & I own several, but texture & vibes notwithstanding guys, this little toy will do the trick! Best buy for the money.
Unsatisfied Verified Buyer
Oct 31, 2011
Too small for me
The ring is way too small. It looked much larger on the web site. I can not use this.

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