Moist Water Based Anal Lube 4 Ounce Pump

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  • Weight: 5.00 Ounces
  • Features: Made in USA ,
    Made in USA - Made in USA products are manufacturer in the United States of America.
    Water Based
    Water Based - Water soluble substance that makes the sensitive skin slippery in order to reduce friction during sex or personal time. Water-Based Lubricants have to be reapplied since the body absorbs the water. Cleanup with warm water and soap; the lube will easily wa
  • Functions: Moisturizes
    Moisturizes - Restores moisture to applicable body part to alleviate dryness.
  • Color: Clear
  • Quantity: 0
    0 - 4.00
  • Manufacturer: Pipedream
  • Brand: Moist
  • UPC: 603912156942
  • SKU: CNVELD-PD9708-00
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Product Description

Moist Anal Lube Voted best Lubricant by Women's Health Magazine. Moist Anal Lube is a friction-free, non irritating, silky smooth, personal lubricant that will turn your sexual encounters into delightful anal pleasures. This non-staining, water-based lube is easy to clean up and can be used on your favorite bed sheets. Try it on your favorite toy for easy insertion and apply liberal amounts to the anus and insertion piece penis, sex toy or finger for best results. Get ready for any easy, pleasurable sexual anal encounter. 4 ounces pump bottle. Moist lubricant in easy pour bottle specifically designed for anal lubrication to be long lasting. Country of Origin United States.

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12 Reviews
Anonymous Verified Buyer
May 30, 2013
Awesome Lube
This lube is awesome, I wish we would have gotten it sooner, it makes anal play so much better, it works great when my husband has anal sex with me or if we are using toys, it is not sticky or yucky feeling and doesn't make a mess. Highly recommend.
Verdredi Verified Buyer
Apr 21, 2013
Great lube.
It was easy to spread, it didn't dry up. The clean up was really simple. It didn't leave my skin feeling dry or irritated either.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Apr 19, 2013
great anal lube
the wife wanted try try this for anal sex ,so we could get some lube inside as well as out, and she love how well it worked, but we would love it more if it did not Benocaine it numbs us both to much
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Feb 27, 2013
I used this for the first time the other night with my brand new anal explorer and it is great. Nice and slippery and not messy at all. I slathered it on and the butt plug slid in (after a few tries!). I'll be buying more for sure.
Bubbles Verified Buyer
May 19, 2012
I used to use a different kind of anal lube but it didnt work so well and after reading the reviews on this product i decided to try it out. My Husband and I LOVE THIS STUFF... It is so slippery and doesnt make a whole lot of mess... would never buy the old stuff again.. this stuff is great never thought it would make the whole experience 20 times better.. :)
Real36 Verified Buyer
Oct 16, 2011
Great Product!!!
I used this product for the first time a couple weeks ago during my honeymoon. This lube is amazing and makes anal sex very enjoyable. It is easy to clean and it's not sticky or uncomfortable. I'm planning to stick with this brand from now on; I really recommend it to all couples that enjoy having anal sex.
Newbie Verified Buyer
Oct 16, 2011
I Love ANal!
This made my first anal experience AmAzing. I am very sensitive and this lube made everything very easy, pleasurable, and non-irritating. We did add more every couple of minutes as a precaution since I read that lots of lube is the key!!! I bought a more expensive one that I didn't bother using because this one was fine. Started with beads, then his penis and even worked our way up to more intense thrusting than I thought was possible during my first time. Yay! Also use a vibrator for my clitoris at the same time. MIND BLOWING.
psychomom Verified Buyer
Aug 15, 2011
So I tried this lube for the first time, and it was great.. its real soft to the toych, smells good and does what it says makes it easier to get the job done.. only con is small size..
Erotic'x Verified Buyer
Jun 21, 2011
Go Anal!
This Anal Lube is a little bit thicker than your regular Moist water based lube, so it makes it a great choice for anal play. This is a nice pocket size lube that you can carry around and it's resealable....
Anonymous Verified Buyer
May 30, 2011
Great water based anal lube!
So let me start off by saying, I don't use silicone based lubes. They are slightly irritating to me. I will admit you can not really beat the texture and slipperiness to a silicone lube. So after messing around with several water based lubes for anal, I really found this product to be one of the best. It is somewhat thick for a water base, however it is not a thick lube. It is super slippery and lasts quite a bit and only needs a little saliva or a small pump to get it up and going again once it has dried up. It's safe to use with all of your toys and is condom safe. It makes insertion so easy. I'm usually pretty timid with anal play but with this lube, I can really let go and relax, making orgasms much easier to achieve! Also makes a great overall lube. Does not need to be limited to anal!
Fantasy Treasures Verified Buyer
Mar 26, 2011
Perfect for anal!
I've never been able to find any lubricant that worked well and made me completely comfortable with anal, but Moist changes that. It stays slick and just a little dab will do ya. The mini is a great size for the discreet and practical since it takes so little to get everything all slick and ready to go. The site says liberal amounts, but I've never found myself needing more than a little bit of it to get into some real fun, and it doesn't dry like some of the others I've tried. It doesn't stain and isn't greasy, but make sure you have a towel or rag on hand to wipe it off your hands from application as it can be messy. I've used this with several of my toys as well as with my partner and I can say that I've never enjoyed anal sex quite like I have with this lubricant. Really glad I nabbed this to try, it was definitely worth every penny!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Apr 12, 2010
Love The No Spill Pump
As far as Anal Lubes go, MOIST has my vote! Its thicker than your regular lube, which is better for access in those tight spaces and this brand has good longevity. But what I like most about this is the small travel size bottle and pump applicator. You just twist to lock it and it wont spill on the bed, in your purse, in your pocket, in your briefcase, or anywhere you want to store it. The shape of the bottle also fits nicely in the palm of your hand so you can pump it out with your index finger leaving your other hand free to tease and excite your partner as you apply the lube before entry.

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